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Steel-land shines in guangzhou international brand festival
The article is from:Steel-land
        The 2019 guangzhou international brand festival, themed "connecting brands to the future", opened in guangzhou on March 3, solstice and 5. The brand by market supervision and administration of guangdong province, guangzhou market supervision administration guidance, guangzhou city business bureau, China advertising association support, south China advertising industry and a leading company in the field of brand, marketing hosted major international brand, dedicated to provide a good brand exhibition and promotion of the international stage.

        On March 4, the first guangzhou international brand festival main BBS and award ceremony was held in guangzhou poly intercontinental hotel. The international development of stelroland furniture and domestic famous brand round table BBS, and won the "annual innovative brand" award, which is not only the industry's recognition of the original design of stelroland furniture, but also the witness of the power of Chinese brand!

Won the "innovative brand of the year" award to witness the power of Chinese brands

        The 2019 guangzhou international brand festival, attended by more than 1,000 domestic and foreign well-known brand enterprises, Internet platforms and marketing institutions about 800 executives, experts and scholars, can be called the 2019 China rare brand event of high standard & lineup. Activities radiate the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, India, Thailand and other southeast Asian regions, display the results of Chinese brand development, promote the process of internationalization of Chinese brands, for everyone to present a play at home and abroad brainstorming feast.

        From the leading brand in China's furniture industry to the signing of liu tao as the brand spokesperson and the award of "innovative brand of the year", the upgrade of steloland brand has been firmly certified from sales volume to value.

    Adapt to consumer upgrading brand value into the core competitiveness

        China's economy is entering a new stage of consumption-led development. With the increasingly obvious trend of product homogenization, Chinese brands are rising under the consumption upgrading. According to the 2018 country brands index, Chinese brands are worth more than $12.8 trillion, ranking second in the world. Nowadays, the fundamental of enterprise competition has changed to brand competition, and brand value is becoming a living entity and core competitiveness in economic development.

        In the round table dialogue between brand and international, Mr. Gu wenqing expounded how to layout the international market and how to better develop Chinese brands in overseas markets.

        Gu wenqing expresses, on overseas market layout, si di luo LAN household always takes original design as this, look globally, take internationalized differentiate course. At the same time, in the beginning of the layout of overseas markets, the company has made clear positioning, insisting on the original and high-end route, and not doing low-price competition, which has enhanced the international competitiveness of steloland.

        Especially in recent years, emperor Roland household began a strong start the big brand, big customer strategy, with Europe, the Middle East and other countries in the top five local dealers to conduct cooperation, jointly set up retail terminal and the brand's flagship store, through the production and marketing cooperation "borrow boat out to sea", "borrow ladder height, form a new pattern of multi-channel, diversified cooperation. At present, the products of steerland household have been exported to more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

    Step on the road of globalization to release brand influence

           The rise of a great power must have a strong industry, the rise of a great power must have a great power brand. More and more Chinese brands have gradually changed from "importing" to "going global", and started to export China's advanced ideas and cutting-edge technologies to developed countries in the world to drive the sustainable development of the global industrial chain.

           Under the environment of accelerating global economic integration, Chinese enterprises should establish a global vision, implement brand internationalization strategy and layout the global market. Chinese enterprises vigorously implement the strategy of going global, improve the status of their own brands in the international market, and bid farewell to the passive situation of "doing for others".

        At the same time, Chinese enterprises should take advantage of the national "One Belt And One Road" policy to push Chinese brands to go global, strive to achieve global sales, global research and development, global manufacturing, with a new brand attitude to lead a new round of global market reform, stand firm in the world tide!

        The development of treading waves creates an international name card. In today's economic globalization, the number of well-known brands is an important indicator of a country's economic strength.

        The Chinese brands represented by steerland home furnishing will surely contribute continuous brand power to further promote the global development of excellent Chinese brands. Gather wisdom, gather strength, continue to write the brand power of the new brilliant, with the Chinese manufacturing into the world, world famous.
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