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Elected as the new President of guangdong furniture chamber of commerce
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Warmly congratulations to Mr. Zhou zipeng, chairman of foshan siteluan furniture co., LTD., as the President of the 7th council of Guangdong furniture chamber of commerce. He will work with the new council leaders to jointly create a brilliant future of "Guangdong furniture" and write a magnificent development poem.

Ecological sharing • tracing its origin -- meeting, gathering and strengthening due to gathering. On December 16th, the inauguration ceremony of the 7th council of Guangdong furniture chamber of commerce (hereinafter referred to as "chamber of commerce") was held in jiahua hall, 5th floor, houjie jiahua hotel, Dongguan.

On the day of the grand meeting, Guangdong provincial party committee, leaders of Guangdong provincial government, more than 600 home industry factories in China, the most influential home furnishing stores in China, the most outstanding home furnishing dealers, suppliers, well-known design institutions, authoritative media and experts and scholars, also came to the grand meeting site, a total of xiangshengju!

Guangdong furniture chamber of commerce, founded in 1995, is the earliest non-profit provincial social organization in the furniture industry in Guangdong province, receiving business guidance from relevant functional departments of the provincial government and supervision and management by the provincial administration of non-governmental organizations. The chamber of commerce has been committed to promoting the innovative development of Guangdong furniture brands, actively building a platform to gather the strength of enterprises, the bridge of communication between the government, and constantly strengthening the innovation of member services, so as to build a broad platform for resource integration, collaboration and exchange of Guangdong furniture industry. The sincere oath of board members at the meeting is the love for Guangdong furniture, the dedication of Guangdong furniture to China furniture, and the declaration of China furniture to the world furniture: "Guangdong furniture" this brand will become a big brand of China and the world as soon as possible!

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has given us the strength to forge ahead. The year 2017 is drawing to a close, and the passionate year 2018 is about to play a magnificent movement. Guangdong furniture chamber of commerce in the seventh session of the general assembly and the 7th council as an important stage, development chamber of commerce in the transformation and upgrading of industry, industry development environment of the change in the critical moment, will be the future, the real become enterprise demand oriented, a major hub in industry development platform, and in the socialist construction in the new era, make contributions to the economic development of Guangdong, jointly shoulder the responsibility of the "Guangdong furniture" big future and dream.

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