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Steel-Land home "ten thousand live broadcast factory purchase benefit" first battle victory!
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At 20:00 on March 18, steel-land "ten thousand live broadcast factory purchase benefit" was launched nationwide. Mr. Zhang chunlei, domestic marketing director of steel-land, appeared in the broadcast room and had a different "face to face" communication with the consumers in front of the camera. The live broadcast was extremely popular and triggered the flow, setting a record of 1.09 million viewers for two hours and 15027 orders, which demonstrated the strong brand strength of steel-land.


Multiple gifts, surprise


The first national live broadcast held by the headquarters of steel-land became popular in the studio soon after its launch, which was dominated by the super appearance level of steel-land household and the powerful craftsmanship of thumb up refresh. The headquarters of steel-land home furnishing company makes a profit of 50 million yuan, directly returns to the end user, and sets off a grand carnival of consumption, with multiple gifts and explosive distribution, bringing super value surprise to the majority of consumers!


Online explosion, ten thousand people


Mr. Zhang chunlei, domestic marketing director of steel-land, interacted with the majority of users in the studio, allowing users to experience the craftsmanship and style charm of steel-land products. Under the successive impact of heavy gifts, hundreds of thousands of users began to work together in the live broadcast room, grab the benefits, in the two hours of live broadcast, online thumb up more than 2.67 million, the home power of stelan circle a big wave of fans.


Terminal empowerment, multi-win


 This live broadcast is an opportunity as well as an innovation inflection point. Steel-land home furnishing actively embraces the reform, with advanced deployment, efficient organization and deep energy, thus providing a new direction for enterprise marketing. From the planning to the landing only took 1 week, in the integration of resources, the implementation of all staff, have demonstrated the strong brand operation ability of steel-land home furnishing! Through live broadcast to create sales closed loop, to achieve a win-win situation between stores, consumers and brands, to speed up the new retail layout capacity, to bring fresh power to the industry!

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