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Wild Goose Award announced: Steel-Land has won the leading brand of furniture industry in China
The article is from:Steel-land
On July 8, 2020, At the seventh Annual Conference of China Furniture Industry development and China Furniture Industry Leaders' Summit held in Guangzhou, Golden Fuji Furniture (Heshan) Manufacturing Co., LTD., Stilan Was awarded the "Wild Goose Award", the leading brand of Furniture industry sofa in China.

Stylland Home Furnishing, founded in 1993, specializes in the research, design, development, production, sales and service of integrated home furnishing, and is committed to providing global families with fashionable, comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and humanized home furnishing products and professional home furnishing space solutions.

It is reported, this the summit by sina and unexpectedly the home of the household, and the association of Chinese interior decoration, the Chinese forest product industrial association, China building decoration association, China association of building decoration materials, the national federation furniture industry association, China ceramic industry association, China building material market association, China building materials circulation association, the China home textile association, Shanghai interior decoration industry association, the guangdong province association of float subsequently, Hester household industry federation, 12 association and jointly organized by sina's household, in collaboration with the China building fair (guangzhou).

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