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Steel-land is a stunning magic city, setting off a new aesthetic trend
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On September 10th, the 46th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Expo came to a successful conclusion. The new products made by Steilan Household came to Shanghai Hongqiao, and the live broadcast of new products was Shared all over the world, which once again became the focus of attention of many exhibitors and media friends!

The eye is full of artistic home works, the touch of the hand is comfortable and smooth to the extreme material. Due to its unique design style and cultural connotation, Styrolland household products have attracted a wave of domestic appearance exhibitors and media friends to visit, and a large number of dealers to negotiate and cooperate.

Life is the foundation of innovation, and Stylland furniture is well versed in this way, so that the fashion of home will never be outdated. On the basis of the whole household into custom, cooperate with designers for overall planning and the control of the space, whole house optimization, meet the needs of global consumers of space, style integration, insist on the quality of life aesthetics and design concept, overall household space solutions for customers in the world, to create the unique aesthetic household living space.

The exhibition is always new, the same is the perception of life of Stylland home. What the heart wants is what life wants, both in design and in life. Stylland home furnishing is dedicated to providing a high-quality home for everyone who understands the taste of life.

The house of Shanghai expo, emperor Roland household not only has brought many new stunning appearance, more will be released new live embedded exhibition, emperor, Roland household domestic sales director Mr Zhang cl airborne live, actually tells the story of the concept of the launch and the beginner's mind, through continuous discover new opportunities, accurate for users to set up an online + product + "interaction" experience, build a combination marketing new way of thinking.

During the broadcast, a "home version of the beautiful dance" was impressive. Dancers to beautiful dance restore customers before each date, carefully selected clothes in the cloakroom life scene! The elegant and fashionable custom-made cloakroom of dancers paints a picture of a better life for consumers, which is the higher quality aesthetic life created by Stylland for consumers around the world.

After 27 years of development and precipitation, Every appearance of Stylland furniture is the best. What is more valuable is the persistence and persistence of Stirolland household in creating legacy works. No matter how the trend changes, stirolland household always insists on doing its own best products, and constantly explores and optimizes products while accumulating the essence of the brand.

Over the years, Stylland home Furnishing has always held the original intention and examined the quality with a critical eye. After unremitting refinement at the technical level, stylland home furnishing has explored the true meaning of fashion from the trend, demonstrated the quality of life, and provided global users with higher quality home furnishing aesthetic life experience.
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