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Steel-Land invites you to watch "The Champion", the champion quality pays tribute to the elegant demeanor of t
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On September 25th, the film "The Champion" will be released in a big way. As the joint marketing partner of ticket sales, Stylland will witness the miracle of clams roses together with you! Directed by Peter Chan and starring Gong Li, Huang Bo, Wu Gang, Peng Yuchang, Bai Lang and the Chinese women's volleyball team, The film will tell the epic story of the Chinese women's volleyball team's hard work and glory for the country over the past 30 years.

Rekindle the memory and pay tribute to the women's Volleyball team

China Women's Volleyball Team, a "champion army" that has shaped the spiritual totem of the Chinese people, is a leading brand in China's furniture industry. Although it comes from different fields, it has the same original heart and the same feelings.

The Chinese women's Volleyball Team has long gone beyond the category of winning gold MEDALS and has become the spiritual pillar and collective memory for generations of Chinese people to strive for success. We are also inspired by the positive energy conveyed by the spirit of women's Volleyball, which is to forge ahead with the country and keep pace with The Times.

After 27 years of development and precipitation, Every appearance of Stylland furniture is the best. What is more valuable is the persistence and persistence of Stirolland household in creating masterpieces. No matter how the trend changes, stirolland household always insists on doing its own and making the best products.

We always uphold the original intention, with a critical eye to examine the quality, after the technical level of unremitting carving, from the trend of the trend to explore the truth of fashion, highlight the quality of life, to provide global users with higher quality home aesthetic life experience.

Champion quality, return of the king! Stylland home furnishing invites you to enjoy the best films, together for the coronation of life, cheers for the champion! May all those who fight for their dreams have a wonderful life of their own!

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