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Italian minimalist home is all the rage
The article is from:Steel-land
    The 43rd China (guangzhou) international furniture expo in 2019 officially closed on March 21. Of many household brand perfect appear, still left deep impression to the audience people, star brand si di luo LAN household is one of them.

    At the exhibition, the design concept of minimalist Italian style of stelroland home furnishing, the layout of large exhibition area and unprecedented product series are all the more popular, becoming the favorite topic for exhibitors.

Innovative design pavilion popularity extraordinary

    Visitors who have visited the booth of steloland furniture will be impressed by its large exhibition area of nearly 1,000 square meters, super visual impact and super-high quality product display. What they can see is the best furniture with artistic sense, and what they can touch is the most comfortable and smooth material.

    Because of this, in the four-day "show field", a steady stream of people came to visit stelroland household booth, attracted a number of exhibitors to visit, as well as many high-quality dealers to discuss joining and signing orders, the scene is extremely hot, full of achievements......

    The close contact and immersive experience make the exhibitors further feel the exquisite details of steloland home furnishing, and make the Italian simple life concept of steloland home furnishing "light luxury, new fashion" further known to people.

Big coffee gathered for the stie Roland CALL

    This home of si di luo LAN carries "free wind", "international series" spring is tasted newly, there are more than 100 products in total to be ready for development, strong attack presents the artistic best that integrated European minimalist style and Oriental aesthetic idea for consumer.

    During the exhibition, a number of household celebrities, industry celebrities, some long-term partners in cooperation with steloland, as well as numerous media visited, attracted the mainstream media including sina household, tencent dayue.com, sohu special interview, but also won the high recognition and support of many dealers and exhibitors!

    Italian minimalism is all the rage

    Si di luo LAN lives in this jing to exhibit "free wind", "international series" spring is tasted newly, on the foundation that CARES about type extremely brief style, rematch the design element that a few accord with Oriental aesthetic idea, extend the design that has a product and collocation with this.

    Compared with previous products, this new product emphasizes more leisure life and fashionable avant-garde high quality life concept. The overall positioning of the product is in the middle and high-end consumer groups, more inclined to urban gold collar consumer groups, or consumer groups pursuing high style life quality and life concept.

    Although the current guangzhou international home expo has come to an end, but the Italian minimalist home life aesthetic concept has been swept across the country, deeply rooted in the people, her elegant lifestyle has been known by more people.
    Expect si di luo LAN household is in time burnish in, carve out more household best, in next exhibition, again jing jing.

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