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Steerlands new collection debuted at Biff Beijing
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    The 3rd Beijing international home furnishing exhibition and new retail expo (BIFF2019) will be unveiled at the China international exhibition center (new pavilion) from June 21 to 23. At the appointed time, home of si di luo LAN will carry many style fine works jing jing comes on stage.

    By unexpectedly the home of the investment holding group co., LTD., Beijing China international exhibition center group co., LTD., Beijing certainly incredibly international exhibition co., LTD to undertake household feast, this year in addition to the continuation of the bridging upstream and downstream industry, and by "hundreds of stores and recruit" carries "one stop shop" attributes of the industry, more make "theme exhibition stage" for the first time, the introduction of many fashion tide with beer and skittles web celebrity brand, to the city consumers open "heart".

    Art and design, originated from life and higher than life, this deep-rooted concept has almost become an invisible wall, has been between artists, businesses and consumers, dilemma.

    However, in recent years home aesthetics more and more attention by consumers, through the household this magical link, design, art gradually into the lives of people, and consumers are also more willing to high quality original design home and home art to pay the bill.

    How to integrate art design into ordinary people? To this point, si di luo LAN lives in having his opinion and experience. In their view, the design must be enough fashion, but have an attitude, a can become the vane of household products is absolutely not only rely on vision to win, life view and values is the essence.


    Over the past 26 years, steloland has been constantly innovating and writing down its own aesthetics of life. It has always been shining with artistic charm, and has continuously introduced more original and excellent products to write modern quality life in the new era with quality foundation that is comparable to the international standard. It has sent out the voice of original design of Chinese home furnishing to the world.


    The new products of steerland in this exhibition not only pay attention to the artistry of each product design, but also combine the current international trend of life, integrate its fashion and new elements of home furnishing, so that the zhen selected brand can show its charm among them.

    Groping, innovation, breakthrough, strive to become the industry in the design of the classic work, let the global consumer customers experience the beauty of home, feel the philosophy of life, fully show the taste of life. At that time still encounter art, when original encounter classic, what be about to perform is one, the inspiration collision of fashionable art and household aesthetic.

    6.21-6.23 Beijing home furnishing exhibition
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    The acme experience, awaits the appreciation
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