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Stirolan new business center moved, hi over longjiang
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On May 30, 2019, steilan business center moved in and danced with a band. All the families of stirolan marketing center gather in the hanging garden on the 7th floor of the business center for a happy family PARTY.

    On May 30th, under the leadership of President zhou zipeng, vice President xiao fei, vice President zhang zhishun and vice President gu wenqing, all the family members of stilan marketing center gathered together in the lobby of the first floor of stilan business center, worshiped god and prayed for blessing and celebrated the housemoving.

    Just past the 26th anniversary of the group, and ushered in this very historic moment. Steilan family is excited about the new leap of enterprise growth and proud of the overall image upgrade of steilan brand.

    Rui lion dance, ring through the sky of firecrackers meaning business booming, money rolling up to three rivers, business prosperity through the four seas!

    Accompanied by the romantic atmosphere of sporadic drizzle, steilan family members at the family PARTY talked, laughed and ate. With the band music swinging, graceful dancing, beautiful singing, lunch buffet and sky garden, the family members were happy and excited to move to their new home.

     emperor Roland for product research and development of the household, consumer mandates, won several ten software furniture brand, the leading brand of green environmental protection furniture, Chinese furniture industry design priority industry awards, these are the industry of high recognition of emperor Roland household, but also by emperor Roland home on the road to originality of the fruits of the harvest.

    The housemoving ceremony of stirolan business center is not only the witness of enterprise strength, but also the comprehensive upgrading of stirolan household -- brand upgrading, image upgrading, product upgrading and service upgrading.

    The home life experience pavilion of tens of thousands of square meters is still in preparation for the full opening of the home life experience pavilion. Stirolan will meet with leaders from all walks of life, global dealers, fans and media friends with a brand new look. Please look forward to it!

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