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The extended familys intimate dates have been revealed
The article is from:Steel-land

This August, because of the arrival of the Tanabata plot, the air is also mixed with the sweet emotions hidden in the bottom of my heart. Finally, I have the opportunity to express my confession. Flowers, movies, candlelight dinner appointments, "the oldest" seems a bit out.

Where is Tanabata going? It’s better to take a look at the Tanabata “close date” of the big family of Styroland.

Measuring youthful steps, polishing time stamps

In this fine midsummer time, the family people that siti luo LAN lives in takes the advantage of coming in qixi festival, organized a joyful journey that discovers the beauty of life, feels nature ahead of time. While chasing household dream, also do not forget to stop step occasionally, appreciate the scenery along the way and beautiful. Feel the subtle relationship between people, explore the mystery of nature and human settlement.

Let more places leave our footprints

Life is a never-ending search for beauty. Every ambition that carries the sea of stars has its hour of longing for return; Looking forward to every step on the unknown journey of surprise, but also enjoy the comfort of savoring the moment at home. No matter where stilan lives, he will eventually return to the aesthetic pursuit of home, providing more customers who care about the quality of life with an ideal living place to spend time with his family.

Two days and one night, the home people that si di luo LAN lives in USES his way to experience the infinite power of nature, explore the touching of billows grandly, also explore the joy of detail. It turns out that our pursuit of beauty has never been delayed by busy life.

Resemble siti luo LAN lives in decades like a day, hold the art that defends a home with slow way, build the simple sense of the home with fine detail. The way of aesthetics of stirolan is the integration of life and art, which cannot be acquired overnight. After all, the inspiration of space often comes from long and long accumulation.

The balance between man and nature, the integration of life and art, the ultimate pursuit of all life aesthetics, we are on the road...

Two days and one night of midsummer short distance, there are stars and sea; There was madness and screaming; With joy and company; There is growth and expectation.

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