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"Family," happy birthday - gold Fuji group 27 anniversary
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May 18 is the golden Fuji group annual anniversary celebration and culture and sports arts festival, in previous years this day, there are sports competition on the sports field, delicious food, fun games... This year, due to the special reasons of the epidemic, in response to the country's request of "no contact, no gathering" for epidemic prevention, all members of Kim Fuji's family gathered together in the special form of letters from home to pay tribute to the 27th anniversary.

The theme of the celebration of the 27th anniversary is "family tradition · zhiyuan", which means that all the family members inherit the family style and motto of golden Fuji group in the past 27 years, so that they can know the etiquette, morality and sincerity. A sealed letter, full of family simple and sincere gratitude. Before writing many times to think, the draft paper delimited and changed the fine text, the computer played and deleted the line of deep feeling, will be buried in the bottom of the deep feeling show, moving, inspiring.

No paragraph of text, can be like a letter home, full of ordinary paper trivial, but all soak deep feeling. Read among them, feel is the family of gold Fuji big family's deep love, between the words reveal the full sense of happiness.

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of golden Fuji group, reliving these memories, each memory of growing up is precious. Those who once the old objects, once the effort, once the pay, looking back, are shining.

Let's wish golden Fuji a happy birthday on the 27th anniversary. Let's remember the wonderful things in the biography of the family and build the dream of a great home together with solid footprints, inheritance of history. The nation's golden Fuji, the world's stellan, strives for the realization of "excellent quality, Shared globally"!

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