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Integration of production and education to nurture talents
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To earnestly implement the party's nineteenth spirit and national education conference, to further promote and deepen the teaching fusion, university-enterprise cooperation, give full play to the enterprise in the technical skills to the important subject role, talent cultivation and talent reserves, emperor Roland household with years of rich experience in university-enterprise cooperation, work efficiency and performance, the area is recommended, expert evaluation, and the government of the public, have approved for shunde's first integrated education pilot enterprises, and provincial education integration into enterprise construction to cultivate library; In order to make the integration of industry and education more detailed and practical, the school-enterprise cooperation plan of Stylan Home Furnishing in the next three years is as follows according to the actual situation of our company:

1. Objectives for the integration of industry and education

According to the local economy and industrial demand, and longjiang vocational and technical schools to establish "the depth of fusion and common implementation of personnel training" development direction, through the complementary advantages between colleges, government, enterprises, school linkage, joint implementation of personnel training, school provides training and technical personnel to provide professional knowledge training for the enterprise, the enterprise through support, participation in the form of running for the school teachers and students to provide better education teaching resources to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, finally realizes the use, learning behavior, to better serve the local economic construction and social development.

II. Tasks and measures

1. School-enterprise cooperation in running schools. To actively explore new mode of running a school to teach fusion, under the district bureau of education overall consideration, has been with emperor Roland household, shunde longjiang vocational and technical school vocational and technical college, south China normal university vocational and technical college cooperation, aesthetics, shunde district, foshan city, set up household industry college, emperor Roland household to take an active part in and give support and cooperation with project team work.

2. Student Employment Cooperation. According to the cooperation agreement between the school and the enterprise, through the independent job selection, two-way choice to achieve employment, expand the employment channels for students, provide employment opportunities for graduates, and make practical use of what we have learned.

3. Internship and training cooperation. Establish the practice before the cooperation mechanism between colleges, make full use of the equipment, sites, such as the high quality resources, establishing stable off-campus training practice base, on the one hand, make up for the inadequacy of school in terms of training equipment, on the one hand, strengthen the practical link of teaching and practice, realize the education content and jobs "zero distance", let the student follow enterprise technical personnel training, can "do school, learn how to make the", will learn the theoretical knowledge into practice, for high-skilled talents cultivation and training to lay a more solid foundation.

3. Guarantee mechanism

Emperor Roland household and longjiang vocational and technical school signed the cooperation agreement between colleges, and actively fulfill the university-enterprise cooperation agreement content and job responsibilities, the relevant clauses in the participation in longjiang vocational and technical school is a joint venture of aesthetic household industry project construction team work of the college, to project team's work arrangement to give support.

The company has set up a working group and mechanism for practice and training to ensure that students have rules to follow during the practice and training, the work site is safe and environmentally friendly, the tutor's explanation standards are orderly, and the training results are faithfully feedback.
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