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Simple design, happy and complacent
Simple design, happy and complacent
More and more urbanites
Begin to abandon the fancy decoration
On the contrary, they yearn for a fresh, natural and relaxed living environment.
Strive to have a room of natural and simple home space
Find the peace in your heart
Simple and Pure, Quiet and Elegant
Like the ripples slowly melting
Stir up a ray of hope for the monotonous life

Simplicity is not simple, nor less is more.
It is the designer after careful consideration.
The Innovative Design and the Extension of Ideas
It's not simply "stacking" and plain "placing"
A pleasant yardstick
Bright tones
In the afternoon in the valley.
The breeze came with the fragrance of sunshine and earth
Take original design as the leading factor
Steel-Land joins hands with famous Italian designers Marco Meveso、Gigi Trezzi
Promotion of more original products
Master's Work Redefining Your Life Style

Chinese household brands want to seize the international market and open up overseas space
Brand original design is the soul and key
Only good original design can endow the brand with vigorous vitality.
Steel-Land Established a research center, always adhere to original design, global, internationalized line, with Italy's international design and R&D team, while with a number of well-known foreign design institutions to establish long-term strategic cooperation, at any time to master the international cutting-edge design concepts and styles. Select Italian imported leather, Russian imported larch, from tailoring to coloring, polishing, sewing, from production framework to lining filling, with incomparable ingenuity and rigorous attitude, to provide you with beyond imagination quality and comfort assurance, in order to enable customers to enjoy the latest international trend of home design products at any time.
Leather article
Drum-making has been inherited for thousands of years with a long charm.
It is one of the national intangible cultural heritages.
Exquisite techniques require thousands of years to accumulate.
Adopting outstanding leather manufacturers from all around the world.
The leather is soft and breathable, and the texture is fine and clear.
18 process of manufacturing techniques
Steel-land’s upholstery are adapting the classic techniques from a thousand years.
The techniques and arts share with same origin.
The originality comes down in one continuous line.
Initial intention and craftsmanship,the details can tell.
Wooden chapter
Middle land Wooden Art, national intangible cultural heritage
It's the best of the old production techniques, which has a long history
Steel-land inherits the essence of wooden art
We carefully Select larches, which are imported from Canada
It carved by dozens of craftsmanship accurately
The techniques and arts share with the same origin.
The originality comes down in one continuous line.
Initial intention and craftsmanship,the details can tell.
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