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Yearning for a better life, we move forward
The article is from:Steel—land

In march, 300,000 citizens made an appointment to go on foot to measure the beauty of the city and feel the change of the city. Steloland home & foshan 50 km walking - let us with high attitude, in the new era of spring, all the way forward.


As an "old friend" who participated in 50km hiking in foshan for 4 consecutive years


The home of si di luo LAN sends out "brand power begins below the foot" call sign


Accept the challenge of encircling the city by walking 50km again (south China sea line)


For the beautiful upgrade of the city, the rapid development of the motherland witness


Share a healthy, stylish and simple lifestyle


Steerland arrived as promised, dressed in a cool black T-shirt


On the scene, is simply the most temperamental pup on foot


Youth yi xing, challenge the south China sea line - total distance: 43 km


Starting point (running water park) → 1 sign (east gate of national fitness sports park) → 2 sign (yingyuehu park) → 3 sign (yulin square) → 4 sign (half moon island wetland park) → 5 sign (bottom of fochen bridge) → 6 sign (longdi square) → end point (century lotus sports center)


- hiking GO fashion


Fun label, transfer life positive energy


Along the way, the steiloans came with interesting labels.


Became a beautiful scenery line


Fashion, youth, nifty, youthful vitality everywhere


Smile to pass the positive energy of life, with the heart feel the pulse of the city


Experience the charm and culture of foshan


- we are all leapfrogging


Every step is a leap


Steerland people into the "relay team" and "the whole team" two big lineup


The relay team clocked in at the designated station


And with the next relay team smooth handover is the task completed


This sense of ceremonial transition between teams


It means the spirit of collaboration among the sterolans


With seamless docking serious, responsible attitude


The "full team" runs from start to finish


From sunrise to dusk


Every step is a leap


Every steeran loves life


A worthy "leapfrog"


Do not abandon do not give up, step by step as evidence, the mission will be achieved


- steal the limelight


As if hear behind someone say I handsome


Steerland household foot square


Start from running water park, pass 6 signs to reach the destination


Along the way domineering gas side leakage temperament, suction eye countless


Passers-by have asked for a photo, stealing the show


Brand power starts at the bottom


So that everyone who goes home can enjoy it


"The most beautiful foshan, all the way forward" foshan 50 km walking


Si di luo LAN lives as foshan rare


Italian origin original home furnishing brand

Try the "play different, do the best" approach


Better interact with consumers


"Relay team" means the inheritance of ingenuity


To "the whole team" meaning to adhere to the original heart


Participated in and supported walking activities for 4 consecutive years


It's a spring walk


It's not just a thin urban sports carnival


It has a deeper social meaning


It is steerland people to healthy, fashionable lifestyle of active advocacy


It is the embodiment of the sense of social responsibility for environmental protection


Steerland home & foshan 50KM hike


Speak with your actions and share with your heart


Will continue to deliver more brand positive energy for the society


Create more excellent household products for global consumers


Yearning for a better life, we move forward

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