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The new era, new normal and new business
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It was the best of times and the worst of times. In recent years, with the sluggish world economic recovery, the downward pressure on China's economy has increased, and the growth rate has slowed down significantly. With the upgrading of consumption, the diversification of consumer demand and the differentiation of purchasing behavior, as well as the accelerated iteration of consumer groups, enterprises are constantly forced to change and develop. In the face of complex and changeable market environment, innovation and change have become the only choice, while lean production is the best way to optimize the production process and solve the current survival and development problems of enterprises.

On November 24, under the leadership of Mr. Zhou zipeng, President of jinfuji group, more than one thousand family members of jinfuji group were mobilized to attend the launching conference of "new era, new normal and new operation" -- the three new innovation movement of jinfuji group.

The launch of the three new innovation operation, for the gold Fuji group far-reaching significance, huge impact. Start meeting, Kim Fuji group President in his speech, Mr Zhou Zipeng detailed analysis of the current situation of the whole era background, including science and technology revolution, regional conflicts, such as globalization, cross-border competition caused by the fluidity, complexity, and put forward the innovation and change is path to the future of enterprise development, full participation, excellence, adhere to the original design, service users thinking, want to use our wisdom and sweat to make the world a better place, to struggle together partners, can be obtained from the heart of joy and satisfaction.

Do everything must first have a plan, a principle is not disorderly, a plan is not busy. This time, the group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with xinfeng enterprise management consulting company to jointly promote the implementation of the project. Xinfeng enterprise management consulting co., ltd. was founded in 2008. Its chairman, zhu rongyun, is an expert in business innovation and strategic management of well-known Korean enterprises.

At the launch meeting, chairman zhu rongyun of xinfeng enterprise management consulting company, as the combat consultant of the three new innovation movement, attended the meeting and made a specific explanation on the "three new innovation movement" combat plan of jinfuji group.

Lean production is an improvement activity that all the staff participate in. At the meeting, the project promotion office has conducted the "three new innovation movement" committee award and "three new innovation movement" certificate award.

This means that managers at all levels should take the lead, set an example and act as a benchmark. They should not only become experts in lean production management, but also become advocates and communicators of lean production.

Group President Mr Zhou Zipeng, ms Xiao Fei group vice President, Mr Zhang Zhishun group vice President, Mr Gu Wenqing group vice President, vice President of executive assistant, Mr Wu Junan plate factory director zhang jie, fresh air Zhu Rongyun advisors, by zhao feng, shunza piao consultancy, together for a new era, the new normal, start new business - metal Fuji group sanxin innovation movement.

Riding a horse whip early, return home hard. Lean production is a milestone in the evolution of jinfuji group. Through the implementation of lean production management, achieve overall optimization, reduce cost and increase efficiency, achieve the purpose of on-demand production, and promote the group's breakthrough in management and the improvement of execution.

All jinfuji family members unite their thoughts, build consensus, adopt an open mind, change their thoughts, and actively embrace changes, so that jinfuji group can become a flaunt enterprise of lean production.

New era, new normal, new operation -- the launch conference of the three new innovation movement of jinfuji group has been a great success. I believe that as long as all jinfuji family members learn from heart, start to do, persevere, work together and dare to change, jinfuji group will have a better tomorrow! The nation's golden Fuji, the world's steerland! Strive for excellence, the pursuit of excellence, to become a leading brand of China's overall fashion home furnishing, to provide global consumer users with green, environmental protection, comfortable, quality home life, and then contribute to the world home art and culture.

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