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The "everyone" of jinfuji has completed countless warm "small families".
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At the end of December, the theme is "home".


People hold feasts, reunions, get-togethers and hugs.


On the last day of 2018,


We chose a warm and warm way,


Farewell to the fruitful 2018


Complete every "small family" with the love and creation of "big family"


On the last night of 2018, over 3000 famous people of jinfuji group gathered in heshan factory to share the fruits of 2018, talk about the broad sky and high sky of 2019, and celebrate "dear comfort home" -- jinfuji group's 2018 annual excellent commendation and 2019 welcome carnival.


At the party, Mr. Zhou zipeng, President of jinfuji group, delivered a speech to sincerely thank all the family members for their efforts and wisdom in the development of the group in 2018. In the New Year, we encourage our families not to forget their original intention, so as to realize the goal of a better life for the people.


In the past 365 miles, it is the hard work of all jinfuji family that promotes the development of jinfuji group. 68 winners and 8 outstanding teams, record the face of the year of the growth of golden Fuji group, feel the temperature difference of the growth of golden Fuji group.


Ordinary post can not stop the pursuit of efficiency of passion, they use action, interpretation of the sincere, with blood, lit regretless youth. They are living a wonderful life. They go hand in hand, groping together, they are paying, but also in the harvest.


Over the years, such a stage, we have witnessed too many gold Fuji family annual pride and elegant demeanor, in fact, they are only thousands of gold Fuji people in miniature, is the representative of all struggle gold Fuji people.


It is the efforts and efforts of each "small family" that bring together the power of "big family". Also had jin Fuji this "big family", just achieved countless happiness "small family".


6 groups of "little families" will be invited for the live show. They will wear lovely parent-child clothes to restore the warm and comfortable life scene.


They have a plenty of 20 years old employee, have a plenty of here bosom friend loves to walk into a marriage, they are the production worker of the front line of most basic level probably, they have 1/3 youth time even, in for common household dream and working hard...


In jinfuji this warm big family, everywhere can be seen happy small family. Everybody's family, you and me.


The evening party spot specially planned a "wedding" for two groups of small family, put on the wedding dress to tie the bow tie, the wedding march sounded that moment, we are full of tears, moved, warm. More than 20 years ago did not complete dream of wedding dress, tonight, in all the gold Fuji family witness, came true.


The exciting lucky draw at the scene pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax, with applause and cheers rippling on the scene from time to time.


Hundreds of lottery quota, hundreds of thousands of cash lottery, but also a special link - senior leadership site crazy throwing tens of thousands of cash, the audience boiling, carnival, joy!


Golden Fuji has you who can compare, you make me strong you give me dream, let steerland world share...... "Tonight stars, tonight fireworks all over the sky, a" golden Fuji you "will be closely linked together, one family, pay, laugh, sweat, harvest......


Dear comfort home -- golden Fuji group annual excellent commendation in 2018 and New Year welcome carnival in 2019 came to an end in a warm and happy atmosphere. At this moment, the beautiful song is still ringing through the ears, cheerful laughter has rippling heart......


The struggle of 2018 has dropped the last note, the wheel of time left a deep impression.


Jinfuji group sincerely thanks -- all distributors/suppliers friends, global terminal consumer family


Support and love for us in 2018! We will continue to firmly focus on the core of "comfort +",


Don't forget the original intention, be a provider of comfortable life, 2019, comfortable still, happy New Year.

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