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JinFuShi Fuji group New Year 2020 thousand people feast, too have "story sense"
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Time flies, the years yanran, with a touch moved in the unease, those who have passed, those once the story, those in the green football field running sweat, shoulder to shoulder with the picture; Those in the garden area like family play, share moments of laughter... Is the heart of the most soft precious.


The year 2020 is getting stronger and stronger. People hold feasts, reunions, get-togethets and hugs. Jinfuji group more than 3000 family members and distant friends of steilan dealers/suppliers gather together in heshan manufacturing center.


Share the fruits of 2019, talk about the vast ocean in 2020, and celebrate "our story" -- golden Fuji group's excellent award in 2019 and welcome the New Year carnival in 2020.


The song curl words of the old year, dance to celebrate the New Year. Party, Fuji gold group President Mr Zhou Zipeng speech, heartfelt thanks to all the family 2019 years contributing to group development pay the sweat and wisdom, and said in 2020, is the key to the group promoting sanxin innovation movement, encourage all the Jin Fu Shi family with high sense of responsibility and mission to promote the enterprise sustainable development, to service and quality to household, with better design, higher quality, lower cost and better experience, enhance people's well-being and the acquisition and practice of people's pursuit for a better life, create more warmth, more rich for Jin Fu Shi family happiness of life.


Many trials in the long journey, honed our indomitable character. Looking back at 2019, we have so many touching and stories. 72 winners and 13 outstanding team departments have recorded the 2019 growth face of the year of golden Fuji group with the power of example, and perceived the temperature of golden Fuji's growth.


Over the years such a stage, we have witnessed too many Jin Fu Shi family annual pride and elegant demeanor, in fact, they are only the epitome of thousands of Jin Fu Shi people, is the representative of all struggle Jin Fu Shi people, is a day after day of elegance, cast Jin Fu Shi's magnificent spirit; It's one story after another connecting the grand chapters of 2019...


Senior leaders take the stage to toast the New Year!


The wine singing, those time precipitation classic nostalgic songs, carrying a section of the most unforgettable story; National music rhyme, with its soft and delicate, mellow and plain timbre "descendants of the dragon" to see the magnificent mountains and rivers; Colorful stage, dazzling moving music, dynamic dance steps, burning up the audience......


Tonight, all the golden Fuji people sing and dance, record moving moments with the camera, tell moving stories with the truth. The program specially invited 10 family members who grew up with king Fuji to elaborate the melodrama "our story" to tell the story of the delicate fate and warmth between them and king Fuji.


The imprint of these stories is engraved on every ordinary, simple work post, engraved on every carefully carved products, at the same time, these stories also continue to thousands of small homes around the world, for them to pass the touch, pass the warmth of home, pass the good and happy life. This is the value and pride of every family of golden Fuji!


Review for 27 years, have laughter, tears, sweat and more moved, Fuji of gold are thin for 27 years, for the same dream constantly striving hard, Jin Fu Shi every growth process is closely linked with us, we grew up along with the growing of the Jin Fu Shi, we are each other to grow the witnesses on the road, and participants. Along the way, belongs to the Jin Fu Shi's story is constantly staged, we enjoy the growth in the story, harvest, in the ordinary post blooming self light, our story has also entered thousands of households, illuminating thousands of happy small family.


The true feelings of the program, moving the heartstrings, moved countless family members to tears. And the scene of the exciting lottery link, is the dinner atmosphere to the climax.


Applause, cheers from time to time in the scene ripples, high burst the audience. Hundreds of physical prizes, hundreds of thousands of cash lucky lucky red envelopes, senior leaders, suppliers friends on the scene of hundreds of thousands of cash, the audience boiling, carnival, more than joy!


The spot judges "excellent program", thanks for the family's hard rehearsals, just had tonight's wonderful artistic feast


Mr Zhou and Mr Zhang sang on stage, singing 2020, singing golden Fuji's brilliant future



The truth of the world is always the most moving melody in life, it exists in every corner of the world. "Our story" -- golden Fuji group's 2019 annual excellent award and 2020 welcome New Year carnival, ending in a warm and happy atmosphere.


Golden Fuji has you, who can be compared, you make me strong you give me the dream, let the world share Steel-Land......" Tonight the stars are bright, tonight fireworks all over the sky, a song "Jin Fu Shi has you" will we closely together, one heart, pay, laughter, sweat, harvest... At this moment, the wonderful song still resounding through the ears, happy laughter has rippling heart......


Time is in a hurry, here left too many moving stories let us infatuate, waiting for us to recall. Golden Fuji group would like to express our sincere thanks to all friends of Steel-Land dealers/suppliers and global end-consumer families for their support and love for us in 2019.


The story is still to be continued, as time flies, may the years quiet. By 2020, we will firmly follow the development goal set at the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) : "to meet the aspirations of consumer families across the country for a better life." 2020, let us seize the day, live up to the time!

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