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Happy 26th birthday to jin Fuji group
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Number easy spring and autumn, the prime of youth; A few years of hard work, fruitful. On May 18th, we celebrated the 26th anniversary of jinfuji group and the 18th culture, sports and art festival.

Thousands of gold Fuji families with the same dream gathered together to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the group with sports competitions and fun activities, and to offer their best wishes.

All the glory comes from a brave beginning

    Shore wide wind strength, should ride the wind waves; A long way to go, when riding! Every dream of the figure, will be fixed as history; Every drop of running sweat, will also pour out the future.

    Jinfuji group, which has been striding forward for 26 years, is full of pride, accompanied by passionate music. Four athletes, including sofa team, board team, marketing team and comprehensive team, march into the stadium with uniform steps and loud and clear battle slogans.

    Each line of solid footprint is the witness of the group's 26 years of steady development, and will forever be recorded in the history of the group's development. Step forward, music passionate, all the highlights all reflect the confidence and strong enterprise style of gold Fuji group, every family is proud of it, proud of it.

    Mr. Zhou zipeng, President of jinfuji group, said in the opening speech, "life is like a competition, and only hard work can shine." I hope all my family members can give full play to their potential and work enthusiasm, and integrate the spirit of sports into their daily work.

Not just calories, but youth and blood

    Life is like a race, the road is like a runway. Hundreds of athletes in the field of youth sweat, table tennis & badminton free, basketball & football breakthrough scores, tug-of-war "prehistorical powers", collective rope skipping tacit cooperation......

    Passion, dream of youth. They put themselves into the whole process and displayed their heroic and heroic bearing on this stage, full of pride and boundless wisdom, which fully embodied the vigorous and aggressive spirit of jinfuji people. In this enthusiastic season, go to the youth of the feast, a proud show elegant demeanour!

    More elements of childlike innocence and childhood memories have been integrated into this festival. There are also many fun childhood memories games, such as rolling iron rings, jumping lattice, kicking shuttlecock and delicious childhood snacks. The scene was filled with joy and laughter.

Every effort should not be let down

    The sweat on the sports field fully demonstrates the strong will of the whole family to make progress and scale new heights. Each participant's fighting spirit is high, the competition results, achieve breakthroughs, after fierce competition, the first, second, third in each competition has been spent on each family.

    In the games, the vast number of athletes comply with discipline, strive to be the first, embodies the pursuit of excellence, self-improvement spirit of enterprise. The referee is responsible and impartial. The rigorous work and enthusiastic service of the staff ensure the smooth progress of the competition, which reflects the group's dedication, pragmatic and efficient work style.

"Tong xin • peer" -- to the original intention to craftsmanship

    "Childlike innocence • peer" -- to the beginning, to ingenuity. After intense, fierce and fair competition, the 26th anniversary of jinfuji group and the 18th culture, sports and art festival came to a successful conclusion.

    Scorching ️, it shines in the household of a group of holding the pure heart dream catcher. At the age of 26, jinfuji group is in the prime of youth, grateful for 26 years of dream unchanged, one heart and one mind.

    Standing in the history of gold Fuji 26 years anniversary, let us fight together for gold Fuji to create a harmonious family, harmonious family, Fuji family believe that gold will continue strive upward sports spirit to work, work together, a total of the mighty power of building great to live in a dream, and for the whole of global customers to provide more professional, fashion household solutions, health, environmental protection, the avant-garde Jane life wisdom.

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